Our strategic design culture sets us apart from other design and technology firms. At Strawz Innovations, designs are done after careful analysis of trends and data, and all decisions here are made on the basis of facts. Strawz Innovations sees the big picture, and so our designs are ‘future-oriented’.


Strawz Innovations as a design and consulting firm is made up of the most creative minds. Our team understands the value of creativity and we are constantly coming up with new and excellent innovations. Think Strawz Innovations, think ‘out-of-the-box’!


we design solutions

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Strawz Innovations limited is a group of Innovators integrating ideas and research to design and implement creative ideas/innovations for the interest of building innovation and growth in the private and public sectors.

We are a design and innovation consultancy firm. We study the market, design and scout for ideas that best satisfy the markets needs and implement these ideas through various platforms. Our business is centered on research and design of solutions that would be beneficial to individuals, communities and the world at large.

It’s been said that people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. At Strawz Innovations, this is exactly what we believe.

We believe that the continuous production and execution of Original creative ideas is the catalyst for the development of Nigeria, Africa, and the world. And so we are on a journey to change the world one idea at a time. One idea, we believe, creates a pool of multiple ideas for the growth of any system or environment. Strawz Innovations is that one idea!



We search for and gather information on literally everything, usually to answer a particular question or solve an annoying problem; for our customers or for the community in general.

Website Design

We help brands, start-ups, and institutions develop platforms online that help them better express themselves and connect with their desired audience.

Space Design

We have the best team available for creating internal and external spaces for an extensive variety of activities and functions.

Digital Design

We have a highly creative team more than capable of creating graphics and designs that help institutions, brands, and start-ups better push their message.

Product Design

We help brands, start-ups, and institutions through the generation and development of ideas that leads to new products tailor made to meet their customers’ needs.


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